Monday, January 17, 2011

As long as its on fire anyway....

...we could use a second change in management.  Zazu and Iago have been in charge a few years too long, and the show is, of course, looking dated and unpopular.  The strategy by TDO isn't uncommon, they often try to spice up existing attractions by adding haphazardly rather than tending to the proper maintenance (see: Pirates of the Caribbean, Imagination, etc.).  It also can't be a coincidence that the Disneyland version as conceived by Walt continues to pull in crowds while our 'Under New Management' iteration was a ghost town during the last Easter Week trip down to the World.  If we can't have Walt's vision for the Tiki room back, perhaps we can come up with something a touch more inventive that a ten year old concept that really fell flat from day one.  Walt had originally intended the Tiki room as a dining experience, and perhaps we could bring it back as such and get a great experience back along with fixing the growing problem of a dearth of quality dining options at the Magic Kingdom.  At least do it for the guests to give them back something of Walt's that really belongs in the park.  There are times to try and 'plus' an attraction, and sometimes it is time to move on to the next big thing.

How do you feel about the Tiki room?  Time for a change, or have an idea for the spot?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Few Opening Thoughts...

As we ring in the new year, many people are taking a look at the attractions around WDW and wondering what will be next.  Although I am always excited about seeing the Fantasyland Expansion complete and Star Tours 2.0, several of my internet compatriots have asked, "Where is the innovation?".  The answer is: not sure!
The Fantasyland Expansion

As much fun as the new experiences look like, I am unsure what TDO is doing that can even come close to the innovative nature of the Harry Potter experience over at IOA.  What I do know is that Disney perhaps needs to get back to its roots of pushing the envelope.  The R&D department is always working so I am unsure as to why whatever innovations they have are not being quickly incorporated into rides.  Perhaps the worst example is Expedition Everest.
The Yeti will one day shed his '70's strobe light and return to us...

2011 is here, and the Yeti is STILL not working.  Most visitors wouldn't even really notice, but to the Disney fan (but apparently not the company) it is truly embarrassing.  We can only hope that this effect is fixed at some point in the near future so at the very least people can stop having to discuss it when the "declining quaility of Disney" argument comes up. This is simply one of many effects in rides that used to work but don't seem to ever be on anymore, much like the sparking collision in test track and numerous effects in Dinosaur.  We all hope that someone is upstairs monitoring this one, and that Chester and Hester aren't really in charge of the rides at WDW, as the maintenance would seem to suggest in places.

On the positive, new experiences ARE coming, along with new restaurants in the World Showcase and hopefully more new experiences at the now defunct Pleasure Island area.  Stay tuned for some more Disney talk, but until then, what are you looking forward to or hope will change in 2011?